Other Results

Annual Six Club DPI Battle

Thursday 12th October 2017

At the annual Six Club DPI Battle hosted by Barking at Eastbury Manor, Thurrock came 2nd in the Club competition and Tom Irving’s “Delhi Street Begger” was 2nd best image.

The contest consisted of 6 Clubs entering 8 images each which were judged over a number of rounds. The best images made it to the next round, the rest discarded so that after 5 rounds only the top 6 images were left. They were then put in order of merit.

Points were awarded for each image depending on which round they were discarded. The points were then totalled for each club.
Sadly 1 club – Hornchurch – forgot to enter their images reducing the number of clubs to 5. Also some clubs entered monochrome images which were disqualified as the rules state that it is a colour DPI competition.
The Clubs with the top 6 images were –
1. Brentwood
2. Thurrock
3. Upminster
4. Upminster
5. Upminster
6. Upminster

The final points tally were –
1. Upminster 118 points
2. Thurrock 117 points
3. Brentwood 116 points
4. Romford 109 points
5. Barking 92 points

So Upminster took home the trophy.