Other Results

2018/19 PDI of The Year

League 1
1st. Tim Burgess - Church of the Holy Spirit, Slovenia
2nd. Mike Brankin - In a World of his Own
3rd. Tim Burgess - The Old Mule Trail

Highly Commended -
Tim Burgess - Tivoli Gardens
Chas Tagg - Grey Wolf (Canis Lupis)

Mike Brankin - Morning Sunburst
Issiah H Sakhabuth - Young southern crested caracara feeding
Issiah H Sakhabuth - Waterfall in Elan Valley

League 2
1st. Mel Fox - Mute Swan Landing
2nd. Chris Dennis - Beacons Snow Scene
3rd. Peter Raynor - Handsome Fox

Highly Commended -Ray Diamond - Memphis Bell
Maggie Diamond - Tiger Stare.

League 3
1st. James Hathaway - New Tyre Please
2nd. Michele Garwood - Red Arrows Tornado
3rd. Michele Garwood - Calla Lily

Highly Commended -
James Hathaway - Peckish
Celia Brockhurst - Meercat on Lookout