Other Results

2018/19 Print of The Year

The League 1 Print of the Year and Mono Print of the Year competitions were held on Tuesday 21st May . The judge was Roy Essery

Congratulations to Tim Burgess for winning the League 1 Colour competition; and congratulations to Tom Irving for winning the League 1 Mono competition.

Full results as follows:
League 1 (Colour)
1st Tim Burgess - Sentinels
2nd Tom Irving - Downhill Skier
3rd Tim Burgess - Crookletts Beach, Bude
Highly Commended Tim Burgess - Earth, Wind and Fire
Highly Commended Tim Burgess - Hartland Rock Pool
Highly Commended Tom Irving - Cold Light on Rannoch Moor

League 1 (Mono)
1st Tom Irving - Fishing Huts in Lofoten
2nd Tim Burgess - Aquarium
3rd Tim Burgess - Tidal Path
Highly Commended Mike Brankin - Those were the days
Highly Commended Issiah Sakhabuth - Portrait of a Silverback

[The Leagues 2 and 3 Print of the Year, and League 2 Mono Print of the Year competitions were held on Tuesday 14th May.

Congratulations to Ray Diamond for winning the League 2 competitions, both colour and mono; and congratulations to Chris Dennis for winning the League 3 competition.

Full results as follows:
League 2 Mono
1st Ray Diamond - Sheep Auction Milton Keynes
2nd Chas Tagg - City Point
3rd Kevin Garwood - Sunset
Highly Commended Maureen Turner - Open Door
Highly Commended Peter Jordan - Willie Lotts Cottage

League 2
1st Ray Diamond - Waiting to Scramble
2nd Peter Rayner - Oyster Mushroom
3rd Maureen Turner - Flowers in Jug with Teapot and Fruit
Highly Commended Ray Diamond - Could be an old coloured photo from the archives
Highly Commended Maureen Turner - Vase of Tulips
Commended Maggie Diamond - The Kelpies

League 3
1st Chris Dennis - Elvis seen in Porthcawl
2nd Michele Garwood - Barbary Lioness
3rd Albert Woods - Wastewater and Great Gable
Highly Commended Mel Fox - Bird of Paradise
Commended Tony Coleman - Greylag Goose Pose
Commended Albert Woods - Lily the Pink
Commended Chris Dennis - The Brecon